The People of Color Collective (POCC)

This committee is apart of and overseen by the Outreach and Community Building Committee.

The White Anti-Racist Network of Tulane (WANT)

The White Anti-Racist Network at Tulane (WANT) is a committee of SOAR. WANT gives the white members of SOAR a space outside of general body meetings to explore topics such as internalized racial superiority, accompliceship, and the history and context of the white identity. Members of WANT discuss anti-racist readings, examine current events, and do fun social activities together. WANT believes the brunt of the burden of fighting racism on campus should fall to its white students, rather than the students of color, and that this can only be accomplished through building a stronger community of white anti-racists. This committee is apart of and overseen by the Outreach and Community Building Committee.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee focuses on fundraising and budget management for the organization. It is our job to support events throughout the year by keeping track of money spent and available. This means presenting yearly to the USG Finance Committee to secure our budget, as well as developing fundraising efforts to raise any other money we need. If you are interested in how USG works when it comes to student organizations, or have some great ideas on how to fund anti-racism, consider reaching out and getting involved!

History Committee

The History Committee seeks to maintain, update, and inform SOAR members and other interested parties about the history of our organization, relevant news happening on campus, and the history of anti-racism organizing on Tulane’s campus. This involves sending out weekly SOAR newsletters to our members and the larger Tulane community; updating the website; sharing relevant news stories; and disseminating resources on effective anti-racist organizing and both the history of SOAR and of Tulane University as an institution.

Outreach and Community Building Committee 

The Outreach & Community Building Committee serves to create, foster, and maintain relationships with other organizations dedicated and supportive of the efforts to organizing against racism. Outreach Committee strives for the collaboration with not only Tulane organizations, but also other organizations within the Greater New Orleans Area. The committee is always ready and open to hear from other organizations as well.

Events, Programming, and Promotions Committee

Our Programming and Events/Promotion Committee plans all events SOAR has with a goal to provide opportunities outside of general body meetings to spread awareness of issues, provide analysis to work together on, and to serve as a place to regain humanity. Our job is to take care of the promotion of SOAR as a student organization, and to promote any events that SOAR is putting on or partnering with other organizations to put on. We promote in all ways possible on campus. This includes and is not limited to creating and inviting students to Facebook events, posting flyers across campus, creating large banners, and chalking on McAlister. If these are activities that you would like to be participate in please do not hesitate to get in contact with the committee chair, Ty-Ron Wright.

Workshop Committee

The workshop committee is responsible for coordinating the semesterly Undoing Racism workshop with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB). SOAR has hosted this workshop with PISAB almost every semester since fall of 1999. The committee ensures the location and promotion of the workshop to the general student body of Tulane, as well as working with the trainers, collecting deposits, and ordering food. This group will also work with the finance committee to make sure that funding for the workshop is covered for both semesters.