Our roots:

In October of 1999, the first Undoing Racism workshop was held on Tulane’s campus. Through the work of Sunita Patel, Beth Bagneris, and several others, Students Organized Against Racism (SOAR) was born. While there were many multicultural social student groups, these students hoped to create a space to do explicitly anti-racist work on Tulane’s campus.

Our work: 

Since 1999, there has been at least one Undoing Racism workshop held on Tulane’s campus each year, through the collaboration of SOAR and the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond (PISAB). SOAR has done several variations on “alternative tours,” in 2004, 2006, and most recently in 2017. These tours provide a history of racism on our campus, from the charter of Paul Tulane’s gift to be used in educating “young white persons” of New Orleans, to the university’s resistance to integration (which did not take place until 1963, nine years after Brown vs. Board of Education), to blatant racism on social media in 2015.